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  1. Thank you salamander788 for your quick response. It wasn't growing directly off wood but, there is plenty of dead wood around. Are coral mushrooms edible?
  2. Went out in the woods and found this mushroom. Can anyone tell me what it is please.
  3. Thank you so much for your help and information vitog. I will be sure to post there the next time I need mushroom identification.
  4. Hello my name is Sara. I'm new to both the forum and mushroom hunting, but love looking for and trying new things. I was out in the woods on my property and came across some mushrooms I was hoping someone could help me identify.
  5. I went exploring in the woods of northern Michigan and found a couple different mushrooms I need help identifying. I am new to mushroom hunting but enjoy every second of looking for new things. I would appreciate any help. Thanks
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