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  1. Thanks Cajun! I'm selfish , I want perfection lol, or what's the use of learning. Once I get there, enter boredom and hunt for new hobby....
  2. I was looking into sogs, but think I'm going with Buck tactical knife. It's a little pricey, but I'm getting older, can deal with it .
  3. I had a similar knife and it's up for grabs to any who might find somewhere in the PA forests.
  4. Interesting article. Predator/prey cycles are more significant than it seems.
  5. Nice pic. I've found turtles eating mushrooms before. It's a nice treat...
  6. I tell you Dave , I'm having great fun with it. I've few mushroom photos to date worth keeping , but have a few handfuls of deer, turkeys and other critters that posed for me. Today a deer and some ducks were the highlights. I'm hoping to get some good mushroom hunting in as fall approaches, but my schedule is still tough. So until then it's sticking to the local woodlot. Here is another chicken mushroom I stacked 21 pictures to get. Not great, but good practice,
  7. Thanks John. Haven't been many mushrooms this year, I've been harassing wildlife
  8. I'd say things are popping. There ain't nothing going on here. I'm going to have to get out and moving. I bought store mushrooms the other night. What I wouldn't have done for some chanterelles.
  9. Thanks Bob, If zoomed up all of the way there is a little distortion near the bottom edge of the mushroom. I believe that is from the stacking of the pictures and maybe a slight movement from not using a tripod. Thanks for the tip. Im not far from North Park and have considered going to Hartford Manor also, just my time has been limited and choices bad so far. I haven't even found a chanterelle or trumpet so far this year. Not my best year for shrooming. Funny it's been so rainy and hot.
  10. I found a chicken mushroom (L. cincinnatus) today and tried a photo stack on it. I think it come out good other than some slight noise on the bottom.
  11. Honestly Dave, the best I could come up with is a dirty C. ignicolor. It looks meaty; I wish I'd have taken a better look. I was too caught up in lens play lol. Thanks gentlemen. I found some Amanita's popping today I'm going to see if they're worth keeping later.
  12. Yes it does grab the light good. I'm figuring it out slowly a thousand deleted pictures lately. Next to capturing all of PAs wildlife I'm hoping to get some good pics of the main mushrooms. I have plenty to keep me busy for a while. thanks for the good words.
  13. I finally bought the camera I had mentioned in Good Cameras for Mushroom Close-ups back in the spring. Its been a learning process for the last few weeks, but I'm catching on. The camera is an Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark II and I have a 14-45mm lens and a 40-150mm lens. Its a mirrorless camera and with the smaller lens doesn't take up too much space to carry along. There haven't been many mushrooms this year, but I found a few yesterday to mess around with. Its capable with both lenses, yet I feel Id do better with a macro lens. On the other hand it has a focus bracketing feature that can be used if you are more serious about the picture aspect. I didn't find the opportunity to try it on a mushroom, but did have success with a rhododendron bloom. The software stacked 9 images for the final result.
  14. I found this at the base of a tree growing on the trunk. My first thought was an umbrella polypore, Polyporus umbellatus, but I don't believe it is.
  15. Wow, nice find. I know reishi is primarily a medicinal, but thought I had read about others eating It when still small. Maybe that was just G. lucidum. I personally found reishi tea to be hard on the sthomach.
  16. I take the obvious prevention routes although I could try harder. I think clothing spray and light colored pants tucked into your boots are going to have to become my go to hiking clothes. Unfortuntely I normally am lazy and go for my walks soon after work with out caring. Haha, I guess I'd rather take my chances than have twice the Laundry every week is that sad ?
  17. I don't get ticks in me often, but will have to remember that. Thanks Adawg! I usually just put my fingernails around them and pull them straight out. I have more problems with the dogs picking them up. I recently started using a Seresto Collar and it seems to not only kill ticks , but leave them in the woods. Frontline and Advantix seem to have lost their effectiveness anymore. I believe I had Lymes earlier this year. No bullseye present , but every other symptom followed a bump on the back of my neck under my hair. The doctor didn't even test she just prescribed the Doxy and next to not being able to eat right for months the vanquishing of chances at acute Lymes was relieving.
  18. I can specifically remember spotting my first as readily as any other moment of significance. Good stuff congrats ??
  19. Nice finds . I've been searching the poplar and ash forest for black morels since day 1 of my mushroom hunting with no success. I'm not any great ID person , but my guess would be that they are Morchella esculenta or yellow morels. I have done well with these since the beginning and found many ways to use them. I'm back Saturday looking for more forest morels then I'll start looking for yellows after. Maybe I need a mushroom dog too
  20. The red spotted newts always make good pictures.
  21. I was looking into the mirrorless 4/3 cameras a few years ago and almost bought a Sony. The idea of having dslr quality with a camera that wasn't much bigger than my digital with the right lens seemed like a good deal. Regardless to say at the time it was a big investment and wasted my money else where. I ran into a girl that had a Nikon camera with the 42x digital zoom and she showed me some pics of a humming bird and they were great. So I decided this would be the way to go and if I get to it this year I am going with the canon powershot with the 50x zoom, 18mp, 1080px, and wifi. Seems like a good deal for my purposes. It's not compact, but I guess we can't have it all. I agree with Dave on taking many pictures. My rough estimate is 100 pics for a good one and 1000 for a great photo. I spent a day with a professional photographer photographing English Setters and learned a bit from her. By the way she took a thousand pictures give or take a few and never got a money shot. I learned a lot about lighting and layers that day. I think mushroom pictures are for the most part easy, it's just tough to find the time to invest in taking that many pictures. I might snap two or three of each one and am lucky to find a keeper or two from all of them at the end of the day. A couple of tricks i use are pretty easy. I always try to be level with the mushroom unless trying to get gill shots. This puts me on the ground for terrestrials where I can rest my hand on the ground and stabilize the camera. If it's not a cloudy day I try to put the sun at my back and cast my own shadow over the mushroom. Next to mushrooms I have spent many days trying to get shots of flying birds my dogs have pointed . This is challenging and I have got a few woodcock pictures but my camera was not fast enough for them not to be blurred.
  22. I had a canon digital that took great pics, but have just been using my phone lately. I have a canon sureshot (I think) in my near future. It is not a DSLR but has a 50x digital zoom and larger aperature for low light pics. Here's one from the camera and from an iphone7 , you can see the better quality from the digital camera
  23. If I knew a way to get it to those in need I would. I've made the tea before and liked it, but just haven't got around to make it again. I thought it was yellow birch , but does look kind of bright in the picture. Maybe the contrast with the snow and black makes it look that way in the picture.
  24. Things been slow so I thought I'd post. I was out with my daughter running the pup in the mountains hoping to show her what a grouse looked like this past Saturday. The pup that is lol. Any how first find was three tines sticking out of the snow. We took a break at an old foundation in the woods and I noticed black on birch. It was a mess of chaga and a piece about 14" x 6" x 4". A nice piece to add to my dusty collection. Soon after Lilly found another shed which my daughter grabbed while reminding me I wasn't paying attention. Lilly saw and smelled her first grouse btw...
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