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  1. So i found this one just growing in my grass. it wasn't by tress or on poop or seeds or anything like that as far as i could tell it was just growing there in the middle of my lawn.. i am not going to eat it i am doing a spore print with it now but want to see what you guys think, the skirt is want makes me think it will kill me. ( i am thinking its a death cap) also the stem got damaged but you can see it in some pics all broken up it was pretty long
  2. Hello i am growing pink and yellow oyster mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms. Today while i was misting them i notice that my shiitake mushrooms mycelium was turning brown on a side and was wondering if thats nrmal, my pink oyster mycelium has a pink color to its mycelium , do shiitake's get a brown color? Take a look at the pics down below and let me know if i need to throw it out or leave it. the shiitake mushrooms are fruiting ( the pins are comeing out and growing out the side of the bucket)
  3. Just wanted to thank all you guys that replyed to my post, you guys are awesome thanks for Insert other media all the help.
  4. Thank you. I wasn't sure what they where, i was thinking they where either a honey mushroom or a Jack o latren. i am new to this. I been watching vids about mushroom growing and hunting and order some Lions mane and oyster mushroom spawn to grow at home. Hope it goes well. then i was outside looking around and saw these mushrooms on a stump and was like i hope these are honey mushrooms... Thank you so much for the reply Dave W...
  5. Hello Good day, i found these mushroom growing on a stump in my yard and was wondering are they safe to eat and what kind are they. I am new to the mushroom hunting and still learning. thanks for all the help to guys ( i live in USA, FL if that may help with the mushroom identifying )
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