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  1. Good call @BastedBrew, after looking at pictures and info on Chlorophyllum molybdites - it very well could be. Seems to line up better with what I saw and it was pretty young.
  2. @vitog thanks for insight. when I first pulled it out I kind of broke it off from base pulling it off without thinking. Next time now that I've seen identification guides I will be a lot more careful. Maybe I will get another mushroom to come up to post with base / bottom of stalk intact. I've only lived here a year and so far have never seen this mushroom growing here, we have a Large eastern pine tree, maple, crabapple and some elms in the vicinity. We do have a small forest w/ creek bed on the same property about 200 yards away with several types of oaks and other deciduous trees and bushes. Not sure if thats of any help identifying but I'm mostly just used to the mushrooms growing off of logs and tree trunks over here.
  3. Can anyone tell if this is Lepiota naucina / Leucoagaricus naucinus, or something else? Wanted to make sure they aren't death caps or something similar. Shot up in less than 48 hrs after good rain. Rural eastern Kansas.
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