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  1. Old Oak

    2018 photos

    Great pics Dave!!
  2. I think it’s often one thing preying on another and then coming to “realize” that they can use this other organism to their own advantage. This is the origin of how eukaryotic organisms acquired mitochondria and chlorophyll. They were consumed but gave the host energy so they didn’t kill them.
  3. Old Oak

    Oysters and others

    Nice! We’ve had a few great winter flushes here too. Always a treat. I made this marinated mushroom recipe with mine And they turned out fantastic. https://honest-food.net/italian-marinated-mushrooms-recipe/
  4. Old Oak

    Oysters Today

    Went out for a bit along the river. We've had temps in the mid 40's for about a few days here after lots of snow. The only place I found them was in a frozen marsh. Found oyster mushrooms and some flammulina velutipes. It was really beautiful out. Gonna go back out tomorrow. I'm on break from school and my girls are still in school, so I'm trying to take advantage of the time.
  5. Old Oak

    Oysters Today

    They were mostly P. ostreatus with a few P. serotinus mixed in. I went out again today. They were all growing from black willows. There weren't any growing on cottonwoods (which are plentiful in that area). They were very high today so I had to get my trusty fishing weight and dacron fishing line to get them down! There was also stiff competition from the deer. You can see in the first photo that they munched off the ones that were within range.
  6. We’ve had a huge snow melt here in Nebraska too with highs in the upper 40’s. Going out tomorrow afternoon. I’ll report in after I go out.
  7. Old Oak

    Found walking to the bar!!

    No. It was on a silver maple in a neighborhood park.
  8. Found this huge lions mane on the walk to the bar last night. We had to trim some of the dark off the top but it got a lot of good shroom from it. Also, sorry about how smug i look...I blame the whiskey.
  9. Old Oak

    My hens-of-the-woods

    Super nice gesture! You’re a good dude Matt!
  10. Old Oak

    How fast can hens grow?

    They definitely take days to grow. They will grow relatively quickly if they fruit during a multi day rainstorm though.
  11. That’s awesome. Gotta love those giants.
  12. Old Oak

    Decent flush of Oysters Found!!!

    Those look perfect!
  13. Old Oak

    The HENS!!

    Only one of my usual trees was fruiting, but it was a doozy! This is how I fund my wife's anniversary present every year! Still warm, but looking like cooler temperatures and more rain is coming so should have quite a few more this year. Happy hunting!
  14. Old Oak

    White Sheep Head

    I’ve found one around my place. Really pale tan on top. It grows the same every year too so it must be a genetic variation.
  15. Old Oak

    Saturday's finds

    Holy Smokes! That's a great haul!
  16. Old Oak

    A quick walk yielded these!

    Very cool. You should keep an eye on the tree in sping and fall for the next few years. They'll fruit on the same tree for a few years.
  17. Old Oak

    Today's find

    Nice haul of chanterelles!
  18. Old Oak

    Agaricus bisporus?

    My first time finding these. Not sure if they're bisporus or maybe fissuratus.
  19. Old Oak

    Agaricus bisporus?

    Thanks Dave!
  20. I have no information on matsutake but do have some about things surviving the atomic blast. There is a ginkgo tree in central Hiroshima that survived being in the epicenter of the blast. It is hundreds of years old.
  21. Old Oak

    The HENS!!

    I’m in Nebraska. Hopefully more to come. I picked them today and think I got about 30 lbs. pretty sure the one pictured is 15 lbs! My new PB hen!
  22. Old Oak

    Boletes growing on wood

    I found some very similar to these when in Michigan visiting the in-laws. I found one that was growing from wood and all the others were terrestrial. I thought they were B. pallidus. I'm no bolete expert, so you should probably wait for somebody else to chime in.
  23. Old Oak

    Any hens yet?

    Nothing in Nebraska yet.