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  1. Very nice! My chanterelles have been non-existent this year. 😭
  2. Still hectic year. Single parenting and working in healthcare has not afforded as much time for shrooms as I had hoped. But here’s some highlights. 1. Morels from this spring 2. Big honking gyromitra 3. My daughters showing off their black raspberry hauls 4. Gyroporus purpurus 5. Russula virescens 6. Amanita multisquamosa 7. Boletus atkinsonii. I found a number of these the other day, but all were so big eaten even I wouldn’t take them! 😜
  3. Thanks! I’ve found them in the same forest before, but they’ve been much paler.
  4. I took this one through the key on mushroomexpert, and came up with A. multisquamosa. I hadn’t seen them with the brown top before though, so I was a bit confused. White spore print. Also….hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been away so long!
  5. My uncle lives up that way in Olwein and has found tons of these in recent years.
  6. We had something like this happen in Nebraska after really severe and prolonged flooding in 2011. A large amount of old huge cottonwood trees died from being under water for too long (3 uninterrupted months). The next year there weren’t any mushrooms in the flood plain but the year after was insane. My brother and I were literally crawling through a few areas because it didn’t pay to stand there were so many. As the cottonwoods died completely so did the flush. We were back to normal after just a few years.
  7. My usual trees have been coming around much later than usual this year. Some of the trees that I usually find hens on in mid-October are just now producing.
  8. Those are beautiful!! Love the post-frost ones when the beetles aren’t so active.
  9. Sorry haven’t posted in a while. School and babies are a time vortex. My usual places haven’t been producing as well as they usually do. I was walking from tree to tree and stumbled upon this fairy ring of hens where a tree had fallen a couple years ago. Dollar bill for scale. The one in the pic with me was 10lbs.
  10. Awesome! It finally rained hard the other night so I’m gonna head out here in the next few days. Great haul as always Cajun!
  11. Finally got out for a couple of hours on Sunday. Not a big haul, but the forest looks ready to pop!! Chanterelles, boletus atkinsonii, russula parvovirescens, and an unknown amanita. All the boletes were huge and big eaten unfortunately.
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