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  1. catphysh


    Really, Dave, thank you. It's incredibly generous for all of you to share your time and expertise so freely. If you ever have Java or JavaScript questions then let me know. It's the only way I can reciprocate.
  2. catphysh


    This is my last post. Lucky for all of you my phone is about to die. My wife and I went out today for a long hike and found all sorts of interesting things. We have lots of this coral that ranges from beige to brown. This was all found in the same area high on a shady bank.
  3. catphysh


    This is another mushroom we've seen several small patches of this summer. They are small and delicate... we haven't seen any large ones. We think Cinnabar. Any takers? 😁
  4. catphysh

    Just curious

    We have found a few of these this summer always growing near golden chanterelle. They are much more firm than the chants. Sorry for the dirty mushrooms... anyone familiar with these?
  5. catphysh

    False Chanterelle?

    Tine for me to get a book. I thought you were referencing bowel movements 🤐
  6. catphysh

    Greetings from North Georgia

    Wow, you have a very good eye. We had laid those out together for photos. Can some mushrooms be so toxic that they should not touch one another?
  7. catphysh

    ID chanterelle?

    Thank you fgvand! We picked almost 20 lbs of these so far. Glad we haven't wasted our time 😄
  8. catphysh

    ID chanterelle?

    We have a neighbor who said this is chanterelle but we would feel better with a second opinion. We have several patches of these across several acres on a lot we just purchased.
  9. catphysh

    Anybody have a clue?

    What a fantastic resource. I'm going to like it here. Thank you!
  10. catphysh

    Anybody have a clue?

    Very new to this so please be patient! We found three very large clusters like this one growing from a rotting stump. It's hard to tell what the stump is without the bark, but I'm assuming connifer. The spot we picked this from is about 20 ft away from a small brook littered with chanterelles and ferns. The mushroom is smooth on front and back. Could this be turkey tail? We are in North Georgia by the way. If we can provide any other info then please let us know.
  11. catphysh

    Greetings from North Georgia

    Hey everyone! My wife and I recently purchased several acres in North Georgia. I'm a software guy and my wife is a chef. Just this weekend we were hiking around our lot when we encountered patch after patch after patch of yellow chanterelles -- my wife recognized them immediately. We must have picked ten pounds, and there are so many more all over our mountain. Our neighbors have no interest in them so we will be back next weekend scouting their land. We are just super excited to have such a wonderful natural resource on our property. Hence our sudden interest in identifying other mushrooms in our area. We joined a mushroom club in Atlanta and just discovered you online. Thanks for having us! Attached is a photo of our first basket. We will be following up with a couple other posts.