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  1. Not_a_brand2

    Stropharia rugosoannulata?

    Thanks for the help Dave! I put the wood chips down last June, it was overgrown pasture before that. This is the first year for fruiting on the site.
  2. Not_a_brand2

    Stropharia rugosoannulata?

    This was found in the same patch of wood chips as my last post but this one is a lot darker in cap color and a lot thicker in stem size. I actually found this one by stepping on it but realized it was there before completly crushing it. It hadn't opened yet so I do not have a spore print yet. I am posting two different mushrooms but they are both the same type I think. I am working on a spore print for the one that has opened. If this is Stropharia rugosoannulata and is the same as the other one I posted about I am excited. I have a back of mycelium growing for this exact mushroom that I was going to make an outside bed with. The only proplem is that the slugs are getting to them as fast as I notice them.
  3. Not_a_brand2


    I just recently saw a bunch of these living on a dead hemlock tree and was curious what they were also.
  4. Not_a_brand2

    Identification help!

    Thanks Dave, In general identification does gill pattern really make a difference I have noticed that the mushrooms pictured have a very wavy gill pattern and in many of the other photos the pattern seems very straight. Yes, the outside pics have the more correct color. I forgot to adjust my white balance on my camera for the inside pictures. Does your guide book state a difference of the color based on the substrate? Like wine colored on hardwood and white on pine? The mushrooms are good sized most all are at least three inches in diameter. For size reference the paper the spore prints are on is standard 8.5" x 11" Here are two photos I forgot to include:
  5. Not_a_brand2

    Identification help!

    These mushrooms were white (with the slight tan-ish color) right out of the ground. I also was thinking Stropharia. Thanks.
  6. Not_a_brand2

    Identification help!

    Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and new to the mushroom world. Last year I planted a couple blueberries bushes and covered the area in pine wood chips. this spring while pulling up some grass I noticed that the chips were fully infiltrated with white mycelium. 2 days ago I found that there had been a flush of white mushrooms (below) that I am not sure what they are. I have been internet searching for the morning and a not coming up with anything. the closest thing I have found is a white version of the wine cap but it doesn't fit the descriptions exactly. Any help would be appreciated!