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  1. mistergreen

    Orange oysters?

    Ah, it does look like a ring less honey mushroom. Thanks.
  2. mistergreen

    Orange oysters?

    I haven't seen oysters this color. Are they oysters? Check them out.
  3. mistergreen


    possibly. but hard to tell.
  4. mistergreen

    Any idea what this is?

    Thanks. I think it is P. cervinus. It smells a bit like radish. They all dried out except 2 by the time I got back.
  5. mistergreen

    New to mushroom picking

    I'm not an expert but looks like Cerioporus/Polyporus squamosus, dryad's saddle and pheasant's back mushroom. First rule of picking mushroom is don't eat anything you're unsure of.
  6. mistergreen

    Any idea what this is?

    I was walking through the park and found these in mulch where a tree used to be. They're so generic looking it's hard to ID.
  7. mistergreen

    Are these oysters?

    Some more photos of them dried out a bit. They smell like regular white button mushrooms from the store.
  8. mistergreen

    Are these oysters?

    She wasn't 100% sure if they were edible so she trashed the mushrooms. She said there was no noticeable smell. They'll come back next year. I'll give it a stir fry to see till then.
  9. mistergreen

    Are these oysters?

    Hi folks, Newbie here. I found these in my sister's front yard around Detroit, Michigan.