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  1. Hang in there springs comming!

    Looks delicious
  2. So many great resources, thanks.
  3. Cordyceps Find

    Wow that looks cool
  4. Everything is frozen!!

    I see those a lot, never knew they were edible. Cool.
  5. What is it about mushrooms?

    I mostly like their shapes.... so many possible shapes +the fact that they're so weird biologically, being their own kingdom. Culinary interest only came after I learned more about them!
  6. Just for fun. I love functional gifts - growing kits, manuals, clothing/jewellery, ... Maybe mushroom coffee or so. But I can't stand cheap miniatures or so and general "useless stuff that fills up space". Yeah, I'm an ungrateful rotten kid, but hey. What could they give you that you'd want to get rid of the day after?
  7. Damn, you have such good lines. A single, slow, certain stroke. If you want to add colors, copic markers are good but pricey (can't guarantee no bleeding though). Imagine your collection of sketches after a full decade or so.... wow....
  8. Wild Mushroom Edibility

    Even if it includes "not tasty"mushrooms, this is A LOT LESS than I thought. I might be paying attention badly - seeing nothing but scaly hedgehog around me might warp my perspective. Great post, man!
  9. Thank you for the compliment. I wasn't sure on the ID at all, so... eh... well, you got me a lot of different species to look at
  10. Yeah on Lyme... I got it as a kid. I've never known what it is to live without :/
  11. I personally feel like it's not too bad... crossing the street is dangerous too, getting into an Uber car is. I feel more unsafe on my bike riding next to a car than hiking in the woods.
  12. I really second getting a field guide. Sure you can google on your smartphone, but a guide is compiled specifically to point out the differences between mushrooms and cuts out all the fluff of irrelevant results you might get online.
  13. Top 5

    Yeah, mushrooms are the most forgiving thing to draw ever - so many shapes and colours
  14. Top 5

    Refreshing post idea! I'm browsing for inspiration