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  1. Shroomer like me live in PA is jealous of you who can find lion's mane mushroom on such a cold December day.
  2. DSG, Thanks for the Asian winged bean seeds! Yesterday before I left to work, I checked my mail again, I got the parcel. I can't wait for Spring to come! This time I'll be more careful about to plant the beans you sent me. Thank you again!
  3. Hi, DSG! Nice to see you! Your mushroom looks like Laccaria amethystina to me. Is its gills color purple? Chanterelle is yellow, white and black. http://www.silysavg.com/naturespickings/mushroomreport/purple_gilled_laccaria.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laccaria_amethystina BTW, haven't get the parcel yet. I'm cooking now, and have to work overtime. Sorry! I have to go, don't have enough time to write more about your mushroom. Have fun, bye!
  4. Stave, Thanks ! I never knew there are so many different oaks!( There are 615 species of Quercus, of which 450 are from the subgenus Quercus and 188 are subgenus of Quercus.-baidu.com) When I was a child, I only knew one type oak and the the only one grew in my countryside which we picked the oak acorns to play with. Years ago, I came to here the U.S.A. One day I found some hickory nuts on the ground," You white guys are so big and tall. Why your nuts are so small?" People had no idea what was I talking about. Because I never saw hickory nuts in my life. I thought they were walnuts. Yes, they are not very productive. you are lucky! Camiller, I also found this kind of cauliflowers a lot in my areas. But they seems to be very tough. I never picked them.
  5. 2 things I always want to do, 1rst is to go to Maine hunting mutsutakes; 2nd is to go to Sandy Creek NY fishing for Fall salmon. But I don't have time. The only vacation time I get is 10 days on Christmas. Matsutakes hunting is around September. A friend told me, he can find matsutakes 50-100LBS in one day in Maine! Making fun of Kims (Kim Fatty I, Kim Fatty II, and Kim Fatty the Third ) is a good entertainment on Chinese social media. I remember after Kim Fatty II died, there was a joke about Kims, the Fatty III holding a cup of Meadjohnson milk said to his father the Fatty II, " Please drink this milk, I'll tell you a good news." After the Fatty II finished the Meadjohnson milk, the Fatty III announced," I will be the new king of the North Korea." (One time the Meadjohnson milk had problem...)
  6. Technically, the matsutake mushrooms can grow in PA. I have searched many places around my area, but found no matsutake mushrooms at all. I'm wondering at where, what time these mushrooms appear? It is said that the matsutake mushrooms were the only survivors of all organisms after WWII Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I know the State of Maine has matsutake mushrooms. I'm hoping we have matsutakes in PA too. Picture from internet ↓
  7. Stave, Running into a female bear with cubs, that's totally awesome! I never was that lucky. All I saw were bear's dung. I knew couple of guys have Lyme disease. THAT IS PAINFULL. glad you get back on your feet again! One time, I followed an American Idian guy went to pick meadow tea. I was sitting in grass to take a break. I felt my ankle was itching, I saw ticks swarmed crawling on my legs... I was lucky!!!!!!!! Thank GOD!!!!!!!! Everthing has its both sides. To avoid the potential dangers before people get hurt is my concern.
  8. Chinese people cultivate this mushrooms. I like wild ones and pick it by my own hands. http://www.canyin88.com/shicai/2016/01/36933.html What is the difference between pin oak, red oak, white oak ? to me, they all have big prickly leaves. I often heard oak trees host good mushrooms. I need to learn trees then. Vitog, I thought cauliflower grow in Summer. pretty interesting! You even found them on Nov. This even better! I'm glad the cauliflower can be found in FL too!
  9. Stave, I had some very young Chanties, they are phenomenal! as they're aging, they become tougher and tougher. What I'm going to do with my hot spots, when summer comes, after a good rain, give them at least 1or 2 weeks to grow. check it. when harvest them, cut the stems, don't pull the roots out, this way won't destroy their mycelium the roots, and leave some of them to spread spores.
  10. Yes! On the way to the lake we found them.we like to picnic there. Last summer was a Chanterelle-summer. Hopefully next summer will be the same. Thanks for your black trumpet powder making technics. I'm sure I'll try it next year.
  11. Mushroom hunting is fun, it also can be very dangerous. When we are in the wildness, in the mountains, and in the woods, You never know what problem you'll encounter to. We need to protect ourselves from potential dangers. We want everyone is sound and safe. In the past summer on my mushroom hunting trips, I was stung 3 times by some kinda hornets. I went to work even couldn't be able to use my right hands. It swelled up like a big round soft pretzel bun. I was sent back home from work. My coworkers had a laugh and sorry for me. Another time, I almost stepped on a snake. I fell on my butt couple of times, I grabbed a branch to prevent from further slidding.... I realized that if I go mushroom hunting, not only grab a basket, but also need some good protectional tools like a walking stick ( also can be used to push snake away...), a Knife( with sheath be better), ankle guards....( if someone is allergic to bee or wasp stings, it can be life threatening, you need to bring a bee sting allergy kit with you ........etc. ) What is your idea? Where to buy these equips ? What else do we shroomers need?
  12. I've heard of Cauliflower / Sparassis mushrooms a lot in China. Some call Cauliflower mushroom a sunshine lover. According to Chinese people the Cauliflower mushroom is The king of mushrooms who loves the sunshine. I've never seen any Cauliflower mushroom in my mushrooms hunting experience. I'd like to find some of it my own if it grows in PA. Photo from internet .
  13. Dave, I admit that I am greedy when it comes to pick wild mushrooms. After I found my Chanterelle-heaven, I visited that area many times. I picked more than enough for me to eat. I sundried some, froze some, and cooked down some fresh ones. The sundried ones are used for stew; the froze one is just so so( I won't froze them anymore ); I like cooked fresh ones better. Sauteed with butter, garlics, pepper then store in freeze bag to store.
  14. Dave, stew them with mutton are good. I added some Chinese flavour pack ( hot spicy) . This is the only way I eat my Winter Oysters. It is not tough to chew anymore.
  15. Dave, have you ever aten these puffballs before? How to cook them? Do they taste good? I've tried giant puffballs. They are ok, only when cooked right.
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