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  1. blewits

    It is amazing that they are still exsiting in such cold season. I thought they were long gone. This makes my heart aching for mushroom hunting.
  2. --------This article is transferred from elsewhere 1. Mushrooms differ from other plants in that they contain no chlorophyll. Because of this, some would argue that they are not plants at all. 2. A slug can smell a mushroom two metres away. 3. A person who studies mushrooms and fungi is a mycologist. The Italian mycologist Bruno Cetto (1921-1991) described 2,147 types of mushroom. 4. A mushroom-eater is a mycophagist, fear of mushrooms is mycophobia and a mushroom-lover is a mycophile. 5. The mushroom museum in Zagreb, Croatia, contains about 5,000 live exhibits of mushrooms. 6. According to hieroglyphics of 4,600 years ago, the ancient Egyptians considered mushrooms to be the plant of immortality. 7. The official state mushroom of Minnesota is the morel. The official state mushroom of Oregon is the Pacific golden chanterelle. 8. China produces around 70 per cent of the world’s mushrooms. 9. The Tempest is the only Shakespeare play that mentions mushrooms. 10. Roman Emperors Tiberius and Claudius, Tsar Alexander I of Russia, Charles V of France and Pope Clement VII all died of mushroom poisoning. 11. MAYBE/MAYBE NOT I'LL (HAPPILY) DIE OF MUSHROOMS TOO, LIKE EMPERORS, TSAR, OR POPE
  3. Weird Morels in White Skirts

    Thanks diana! I always loved the banboo forest. I can dig banboo shoots to make good meals; use banboo make all kinds of tools, furniture, and even Bamboo house...
  4. Thank you! I googled Enoki, it says 金针菇 Jin Zhen Gu in Chinese which is cultivated white clusters of little mushrooms. But some call 金针菇 Flammulina velutipes (Jinzhengu).
  5. ID Help

    Dave, http://www.svims.ca/council/illust/Russula bicolor 1 Michael Beug.htm ------- have you ever seen Russula bicolor? The red capped and taste rather mild Russulas are very popular in China. Fresh picking worth 200 U.S Dollars a pound.
  6. ID Help

    Yes, they are Russula. I'll taste a tiny bite, see if it taste peppery. In russula family, I'd like to pick the red ones with the hollow, red stem taste not peppery, and another one the cap is greenish. This pic from Chinese blog. I also found the same russula in Susquehanna river bank. I have some dried from my summer mushroom hunting. I'll use them to cook chicken broth, then use the broth cook rice noddles,. yummy!
  7. Simon, I didn't feel well (my stomatch got a little bit upset, nothing major) when I ate a little more blewitts, or ate older blewitts. I fan dried some blewitts, I didn't cook yet. They were so cute underneath the hemlock trees, I couldn't help to pick them up. I also heard that when you eat blewitts, don't drink wine or beer. In your first pic, above blewitt, the tiny ones. Are they called velvet foot mushroom?
  8. Hi! Simon. I don't know about other culture. I was born and rised in China. I was told never eat mixed mushrooms. Eat one type at a time. luckily,you and your family all are ok!
  9. Weird Morels in White Skirts

    I asked myself why I didn't go mushroom hunting when I was in China?! Now I'm fascinating in hunting "veiled lady" mushrooms in the banboo forests. Usually, we dug banboo shoots to make good dishes. Thanks Dave. Wish some day take you go back to China hunting mushrooms. My brother's city is famous for Russula griseocarnosa ( red mushrooms, brittle gills ). Dave, if you copy "浦北县五黄岭 " google, there are the moutains around my brother's city.
  10. Noooo! They don't have hair at all. actually they are smooth, rubbery. When wash it many times, or broken them, inside them are clear jelly like. Here is a video http://www.iqiyi.com/w_19ru19novl.html Hi, Camiller! They are not hairy rubber cups. They are kinda of smooth,liquorice gum drop lookalikes. I don't know myself when comes mushrooms, as long as other people eat, I'll eat it too, no matter what it is. Wood ears are good, but these Black Bulgaria are better, much better.
  11. Thanks for reading. You've seen them too.Oftentimes, I saw them attached to oak tree branches which were almost rotten. I have more pics in my cellphone, It takes long time to put in my computer. So, I'd like use Chinese blogger's pics, and they don't mind I use them.
  12. Weird Morels in White Skirts

    You tried the eggs, that is wonderful! I never had this eggs before. But I saw this blog http://blog.sciencenet.cn/blog-614989-920015.html the guy who is the blogger cooked the eggs. His town is famous for cultivate this mushrooms. I had caesar's mushroom eggs, they are super good.
  13. Weird Morels in White Skirts

    Hi! Matt, These pics are from Chinese blog and the mushrooms in the pics I know its Chinese name " 竹荪“. I don't know its English name. This kinda mushrooms are appear in the southern mountainous region between the equator and 30 degrees north latitude, normally. There are many this kind mushroom growers in China. We can buy it from Chinese website. I'd like find the wild ones bu myself. Hope some day I can go back China going to Banboo forests find my own. Thanks Dave. I like the name "veiled lady" . Yes, It is from stinkhorn family. The cap smells a little bit stink. When we clean it, its caps has to be removed . I almost buy some from Chinese website. My brother told me that the most vendors use Sulfur smoked them very white, don't buy. When summer comes, he'll pick some for me.
  14. Black Morels dressed in white skirts ? What are these mushrooms? Have you ever seen them in your neck of the woods? These mushrooms wear long skirts, mini skirts in whit, pink and yellow. Mushrooms want to be fasion statement ! These beauties are not only delicious, but also a Natural Aphrodisiac? ........
  15. Chinese are the people who love mushrooms the most in the world. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5016981/120-000-Chinese-people-worship-giant-mushroom.html http://zhuanti.emushroom.net/msc2017/ the 7th national congress and 2017 annual meeting of mycological society http://en.emushroom.net ---- here is the English edition