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  1. I thought about those abundant years and the ash tree decline, and wondered if they had actually begun to die way back then. All of the ash trees are now dead and other than the one area, these morels were growing singly.
  2. We found around 20 here, total. We might check to see if any late blacks come up after the cold snap we had. There may be a few more considering how mature the rest were. Most were in one small area that is usually fairly reliable.
  3. They look perfect! We found a few small blacks at our spot today.
  4. It seems like forever since I've been on. My last few years of mushroom hunting havent been great due to weather, but fingers crossed for this season. As of a few days ago there were no morels in my early black spot in southern PA. But I've seen that a few have been found locally. The weather forecast looks like we may have a slow, drawn out season which is better than the early heat followed by cold that we've had for several years. I hope all ofnyou have a great season. Good luck everyone!
  5. I'm actually in Orrtanna, between Gettysburg and Chambersburg.
  6. Very cool! I have some king trumpet plugs and a large block of shitake spawn to inoculate logs. A friend gave me wood from an oak he cut but I think the logs are too old now. I'll have to cut a tree down. Luckily I live in the woods and have a small one picked out that is in the way of hunting from my blind.
  7. Dave, the stalk of this one doesn't remind me of typical black morels. Although the cap, other than color, is perfect. Maybe it's due to the weather this year being so different. It's only been above 65 a few days here and people are finding large yellows in orchards. We found some of the smaller species in our woods the other day. I'm not up on all of the Latin names anymore since they changed. Not as many as we had hoped, but still the most we’ve found at home.
  8. We found a few in southern PA yesterday.
  9. I'm not personally familiar with this mushroom, but keep enjoying the hobby.
  10. I agree with svs. It looks like a black staining polypore.
  11. I will be getting out for the first time today. We've had so much rain that witnessing even worth looking.
  12. Nice finds. I am hoping to finally get out today. We have had tons of rain so I hope the mushrooms aren't too waterlogged.
  13. I'm looking forward to chanterelles and black trumpets in a month or so.
  14. Nice! This gives me some hope that we might still be able to find some down here in southern PA.
  15. It looks like everyone is doing pretty well. I checked a friend's house today that looked promising, but didn't find any.
  16. Nice, BigGameHunter!! Maybe I should check again. I'm in SC PA also.
  17. Well, we didn’t have much of a fruiting of black morels this year. We found a grand total of one. Haha!! Harmony and I went out for a while yesterday and found some small yellows and half free morels. It was a great time spending a few, semi productive hours on the woods. Maybe some day we will have another great year. They have been few and far between.
  18. Evan


    You definitely have yellow morels! Congrats!!
  19. I don't find many false morels. I wish I did. Not for eating, just because I think they are such neat looking mushrooms.
  20. That is a very impressive tree! You should be able to find hens growing from the roots for a while.
  21. We haven't had a good morel season in our area for years. We live in Adams County not far from Gettysburg. I'm hoping for a better year so we can have fun hunting and cooking.
  22. A Michelin star chef wouldn't confuse morels for other mushrooms. I have a feeling the morels were not the issue. And the article says they had multiple courses in a tasting menu at the restaurant. Maybe it wasn't mushrooms at all.
  23. They definitely look like oysters and will probably grow again on the same tree. I'm a little farther north in southern PA. I'm sure you can find some of the same mushrooms there. We pick morels, chanterelles, yellow foot, black trumpet, puffballs, boletes, hedgehogs, chicken of the woods, hen of the woods, oysters, and I'm sure some others I'm forgetting. Your best bet is to find someone who is experienced hunting mushrooms in your area. There may even be a local club that you can join. Sorry you haven't gotten a response sooner. The page is a little slow this time of year. Most of us don't find many mushrooms during the winter.
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