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    I am very interested in foraging various herbs and fungi.

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  1. Been collecting medicinal herbs & mushrooms for a year. Came to show find's up til now, will be using this site for ID's. I have been watching a lot of Adam Haritan on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcbf8wnyVJl631LAmAbo7nw/featured , anyways just wanted to say hi. Pheasantback / Dryad's Saddle found on 05212018 Found these over the summer of 2017. Probably had 10 lbs 11222017 found on 11222017 Turkey Tail found on 11282017 Megacollybia Rodmani found on 06042018 Spore print included
  2. I decided to move my hello to the introductions page. My bad
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