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  1. Daniele


    I haven't it them finally ?
  2. Daniele

    Horn of plenty?

    ´┐╝thank you very much!
  3. Daniele

    Horn of plenty?

  4. Daniele

    Horn of plenty?

    Hi all My 3 years old son has spotted these today and I guess they are horn of plenty. Could you please have a look? If so, could you please suggest me the best method how to dry them? I can't eat them in a short... thank you very much!
  5. Daniele


  6. Daniele


    Hi gents, found this today near to lots of horn of plenty - Craterellus. Anybody knows it?
  7. Daniele

    Difficult ones

    HI Matt, it looks like a Limacella, you get it! Thanks
  8. Daniele

    Difficult ones

    Hi gents, I found this troop today...do you know what are?I tought it was a Mycena but it is quite difficult...?
  9. Daniele

    Chestnut bolete?

    They are G. castaneus , the stem is not edible. Sometimes could be quite bitter if eaten fresh, but if ou dry them you'll a have a very good mushroom after!
  10. Daniele

    Agaricus??? Horse mushrooms?

    HI, one of the most important points is the smell associated with gills colour. Most of best edible agaricus smells like almpond or anice, if you think is more chemical smell then leave it behind. The Gills must be pinkish in young species and brownish after. If the gills are wight, leave it behind as the identification could result quite difficult as 99% this wont be an Agaricus.
  11. Daniele

    Agaricus family

    Thanks guys, it was edible and also very good! I still don't know exactly the name :-| but I was confident it wasn't poisonus.
  12. Daniele

    Agaricus family

    Hallo Dave, I live in Cowes Isle Of Wight
  13. Daniele

    Agaricus family

    Hi all, I'm new on this forum, I 'm pleased to became part of it I'm a mushrooms lover and I've found this nice Agaricus today. I'm struggle identifing it. Ther aren't yellow marks at all and has nutty and almonds pleasent smell. Could you help me to identify it?