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  1. Richgross

    Purple mushroom?

    My buddy found this today..not the best picture but any guesses?
  2. Richgross


    Was wondering what this is? Any help would be great..
  3. Richgross

    I’d help

    Gotcha thanks for all the info
  4. Richgross

    I’d help

    Does anyone eat them?
  5. Richgross

    I’d help

  6. Richgross

    I’d help

    My friend sent me this pic. I know it’s not the best but has anyone have any ideas?
  7. Richgross


    Thank you everyone for the info 👍🏻
  8. Richgross


    Now I have read the variety you refer to grows in the southeast but I live in NE Pennsylvania. I was also going to try to dry it and make tea out of it..Am i capable of doing so with this mushroom?
  9. Richgross

    Chicken of the woods?

    Certain this is chicken of the woods but it’s very soft right now..lots of moisture in it..is it not ready to pick or waterlogged from all the rain..should I leave them go until they firm up a little?? Sorry kinda new to this
  10. Richgross

    Id help

    Thanks 👍🏻
  11. Richgross

    Id help

    Does anyone eat these?
  12. Richgross

    Id help

    Yes it was Yes it was..thanks for the Id