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  1. Now we got 'em!!!!!!
  2. Not an over abundance
  3. Thanks for the info.....I think I will still avoid them!!!
  4. Thanks, haven't seen either one yet in our usual spots. Will keep looking
  5. We are in the Catskills, Olivebridge Ny to be exact, just wondering when we can expect to start finding chanterelles?
  6. Was told to never ever eat the blue staining ones......are you really eating them??
  7. I think they may be past prime here in the Catskills, alas
  8. I have to start writing things down for myself as I don't remember from one year to another.....can anyone tell me when I can expect to start seeing chanterelles in the Catskills of NY? Boletes and black trumpets? Had a plethora last year but just don't remember when
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