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    Saving the world by rehabbing the environment, cleaning up litter, trying to grow some pine and maple trees currently thanks to that 'best time to plant a tree...' line that's still popular right now.
  1. Ok this is another round from my area, black marker on white paper. How dark can brown get? How light black is a P. cinctulus spore print? We may never know...
  2. Thanks for the help!! I did this in a simple paint app, plain black. No photo effects, seems all black, no brown or purple. If anything though they are like weeds around here so I can do an actual modified ink print if needed.
  3. Curious if anyone can help identify these. I am a noob and would love to find some truffles and morels, but I found these and believe they are either panaeolus cinctulus or Panaeolina foenisecii. Again this is a new hobby and I could be way off. The prints are nice and the shrooms are in the trash as I doubt they are edible. I also spent $4.99 on an iPhone app that doesn't recognize anything I show it so your help is much appreciated but not the end of my world if nobody replies. Thanks!
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