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  1. Thanks for this information and the follow-up. L. decastes seems to describe it perfectly. Hopefully they return again this year.
  2. I see these dense clusters of hefty mushrooms growing each fall. They appear to grow from the grass close to some basswood trees in town in northern MN. There are usually 2 or more different clusters around the same tree. Each cluster would weigh maybe 3-5 lbs.
  3. Thanks for the information. I'd say the pore color was yellowish and consistent with the edulis-type mushrooms I'm used to. The trees are all balsam fir where I found the mushroom, which is also typical for the edulis-type that grow here. Based on this, I'm going with your first suggestion of a pale edulis-type. I hope more of this color appear because they're very easy to spot.
  4. Found this today in the woods among balsam fir and aspen trees, in the same area I often find king boletes towards the end of summer. It seems very similar to a king bolete in most aspects apart from the color. It's really pretty and the white color made it easy to find!
  5. Thanks a lot Dave! I do believe the gills darkened as they aged. Hopefully they come back this year and I can make a positive ID.
  6. Just browsing though last years photos and came across this one i was not able to ID. I Found a number of fairly large clusters of these in the grass in my yard last fall. There are maple trees and a maple stump 10-15 feet from where the mushrooms were growing. Appreciate any help.
  7. Found quite a number of these on the ground around mature white spruce and balsam fir. Cap is smooth and light purple/silver in color. Do not really smell of anything. Appreciate any help.
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