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  1. Tried these tonight sauteed lightly in butter. Tasted something similar to what I imagine a slug might taste like. Flavor wasn't bad, but as far as the texture I won't be picking more. Maybe a different cooking method would produce better results, but too many other good ones out right now to bother.
  2. Curious to know how you decided that the bottom left mushrooms are ok? The mushroom in the top row, column 3 looks like a dangerous Amanita. Any mushroom you don't identify 100% can be dangerous.
  3. Thanks Dave, helpful as always. I think I will give them a try and see if it's worth the effort of cleaning them.
  4. Wow, that's awesome. I hope they turn out to be what I'm thinking, Chlorophyllum rhacodes. I had my first one last year and it was delicious.
  5. I believe these are S. granulatus. Found under white pine where I typically find S. americanus, I placed an S. americanus in the picture as a reference. All parts of this mushroom are sticky, and have left a stain on my hands the next day. Cap color is a reddish brown with bright yellow stipe and pore surface. Stipe has glandular dots. There was a little latex on the pore surface of these, should be able to see in the pictures. Cap surface peels incredibly easy. No staining or bruising of pores or flesh. Does anybody eat these? Are they worth the trouble of dealing with the stickiness? I feel if I attempt to try them I will have to remove the cap skin and pore surface.
  6. I may have mistaken some of these (and consumed) thinking they were B. separans. I initially had them segregated due to a slight color difference but after checking with ammonia assumed they were separans. Luckily for me they are both considered good edibles. What features distinguish the two, X. purpureum and B. separans?
  7. Interesting, thanks for the input guys. One of the more interesting mushrooms I found this year.
  8. This is an interesting find. Very large mushroom, maybe in the parasol families but I see nothing similar under Chlorophylum or Macrolepotia? This thing measures around 12" tall and 9" in diameter. The massive bulb at the base definitely sets it apart. Found in mature oak, growing among some ferns, there were 4 or 5 scattered about. Rain may have damaged some of the features as these were probably out for a few days. What am I looking at?
  9. Looks like it to me. I find them with bare stems as shown above, and heavily netted stems. A little drop of ammonia is what I use if I'm unsure. They normally have a very pleasant smell, hard to describe.
  10. Aborted entoloma? Any honey mushrooms in the area?
  11. Thanks for the input guys, I am going to give them a try. @rbenn I found these before, they always seem to be bug free. Maybe the acidic smell? Unfortunately the B. separans don't share the same fate.
  12. I believe these are B. pallidus. Not a very interesting looking bolete. The pores stain deep green/black. No color change of the flesh. I did apply some ammonia, no change on cap flesh or stem flesh, cap turned slightly redish orange. Different sources seem to contradict each other on ammonia reaction. Pictures show a cluster that was growing together as well as a single that was nearby. Growing in grass near oak. What do you guys think?
  13. I was thinking B. separans as well, but the cap color seems off. You could hit the cap with ammonia.
  14. Handful of boletes I picked last night. I'll apologize up front for the pictures since they were all taken indoors. I believe these are Aureoboletus auriporus. Found in mixed hardwood, dominant oak growing scattered. Caps are viscid as well as the stems. The pictures don't do justice to how bright the pores on these things are. I get a fairly strong acidic smell from these. Anybody eat these? I'm one of the folks who has a skin reaction to the sticky caps of Suillus americanus, any concern with these guys? Thanks for your input.
  15. Thanks Dave. I grabbed a couple more tonight before the rain sets in.
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