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  1. Makes sense since there are a lot of Jack o lanterns in the area...thank you
  2. At first I thought these were honeys. They were short and stumpy and grew in clumps around the base of a stump just like the honeys and had a similar color. When I got closer something didn't look right. When I flipped them over I saw orange gills. Any ideas? Im assuming they are bad but im curious what they are.
  3. It just so happens I'm half polish and half ukrainian lol. They are great with pieorgi and also on christmas eve we make a dark gravy type soup called machanka with the popinki being the key ingredient. I'm getting a craving for it just talking about it! Oopyeta and pidpenky are both new terms to me...but the name "honey mushroom" is relatively new to me also. I'm in the upper scranton area and until recently I've only ever known them as popinki.
  4. Went out and found a few after work. I know there are different species of honey mushrooms but I'm not sure which ones are which so I've added a few pics. The first pic is of all of them, then the following pics are close ups of the tops and the underside. I've always differentiated them as stumpies and flat tops but I am interested to learn the actual names. The ones in the middle are unusually large for the common stumpies I usually find.
  5. I'm new to the forum so I just wanted to say hello to everyone. A good friend of mine has been using this site lately and he told me about it so I decided to join and connect with some fellow mushroom pickers and hear all of your stories and maybe learn a thing or two. Im from northeast Pa and have been going for mushrooms since I was very young. All of my family and neighbors when I was young picked mushrooms so I learned early (It's very popular in my area). I mainly go for popinki and sheepshead. A friend of mine is sparking my interest with a few different kind so I'm going to give them a try in the future (old man, motel, chantrelle). Looking forward to hearing from all of you in the future!
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