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  1. You are adventurous person. I wouldn't call our attempt to identify mushroom very solid and identification confident. It is misshapen so some features are not clear. Also whatever caused mushroom misformation may be also not good for a human 😕
  2. Looks more like old cauliflower mushr
  3. It points toward honeys but may be there are other possibilities. May be others will provide opinion. Also I don't know what may cause such a misform cluster.
  4. You can try to isolate individual mushrooms. If it is honey, spore print will be white and stems have denser outside layer and fluffy inside
  5. Not a hen. Looks like deformed cluster of gilled mushrooms. Can't tell which, may be honeys
  6. Looks like something from king bolete family. There are several species in US. Not sure about Europe. Some associated with hardwood, some with conifers. Taste should be mild, no bitterness
  7. Looks like king bolete family mushroom to me. Skin color changes color during boiling, changes in ph, etc
  8. Lactarius, pipperatus or similar. Peppery taste
  9. Looks like chicken. Looks like a little oldish chicken.
  10. Not a hen. In NJ I do not see hens till the end of September. Black staining polypore is my guess
  11. Looks like black staining p. To make sure cut piece and wait for at least an hour. It darkens pretty slow
  12. I found those before. There are couple discussion on this forum about "bicolor" looking boletes turning orange when cooked. It was couple of years ago. I was not able to identify it to sp. They are not toxic but not very good.
  13. There are several similar looking boletes which are hard to identify to exact sp. If you search this forum for "bicolor" you will find many earlier discussion on similar looking boletes
  14. I suspect that some boletes may have different reaction in different people. Some tolerate it some not. Also amount consumed may be a factor.
  15. Chicken, laetiporus
  16. I doubt it. It is too spread around the trunk for the lion
  17. Looks like fossilized mushrooms from the era of dinosaurs 🦕
  18. Manku, you can call this mushroom a domesticated agaricus
  19. You are safe. No need for a new knife. Amanitin is not like some other toxins such an botulotoxin. You need to consume sizeable amount, such piece of mushroom to get poisoned.
  20. Looks like puffball to me. I do not see anything else. Stem and top are made from different tissues. Top - spore producing material and bottom is for support
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