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  1. I found this guy today. Almost looks similar to honeys. Sorry that the last pictures were taken when it was rather dark. Found in Western NC
  2. This little guy is beautiful. Very soft texture on the cap. Found in western NC. Any ideas?
  3. My friend found this in Western NC, she said it's very large. Any thoughts?
  4. Found this in Western NC. Any ideas?
  5. So I've seen this mushroom growing here multiple years in a row and it always gets infected by something. I'm not sure the species of the mushroom, nor what's causing this infection. Western NC
  6. Did i find my first Maitake? Found growing in a stump Found in western NC
  7. Not sure about this one, it might be related to my previous post. Found in Western NC. Thanks!
  8. Found this guy in Western NC. I should know what he is, I'm sure I used to, but I don't. Thanks!
  9. Never really studied up on jelly mushrooms much. Curious what this is. Found in Western NC. Thanks!
  10. Found this one growing in some mulch in western NC. Thanks for the help!
  11. I found these Ganoderma. I didn't have my phone with me when I found them, so not sure if the stump they were on was hemlock or not. I didn't know enough about the species to try to identify that. found in western North Carolina.
  12. Found this in Western NC, fibrous stalk.
  13. I found this guy growing in hardwood forest in Western NC Two different mushrooms, but i think they're the same species, but in different stages of aging. Correct me if I'm wrong
  14. Found this guy in Western NC. Is it a chestnut Bolete?
  15. It seems i am terrible at identifying any sort of porus mushroom. I found this guy in Western NC. He had quite a few little worms in him.
  16. Nothing to special about this guy. He had a pretty orange cap and copious amounts of white milk. He didn't smell fishy like I'd expect from lactifluus volmus. No distinct smell. In Western North Carolina. Thank you!!
  17. Found in Western North Carolina Thank you!
  18. Found this little guy in Western NC the cap almost looks velvety.
  19. I didn't notice any bruising. It was definitely new for me!
  20. I found this in Western NC. It's new to me!
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