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  1. Junobudd

    Help identifying please!

    Hey hey! Golden Gate park is exploding with fungi as of late!! Amazing and beautiful! New finds right out my front door! Any ideas on the species? Some beautys, pretty sure on two, p. cyanescens and p. allenii, thoughts? Hope you are well!-M
  2. Junobudd

    Help identifying please!

    No way! Have been wanting to find some chicken of the woods! It was growing underneath a fallen tree, very coniferous area. Are there any specific characteristics to look for when deterrmining if one is a Laetiporus? You are the man by the way! Thank you for your knowledge. Found this little buddy while walking my dog today, in a patch with a few others, any ideas? Hope you have a great night!-Matt
  3. Junobudd

    Help identifying please!

    Thank you! Think you are right. How bout this one?
  4. Hi all! New here, found these mushrooms near my place in San Francisco, have been trying to identify but cant seem to figure out. Would anyone know what species this is? Thank you and have a great day!-Matt