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  1. Strange for me here. Last year ( Im in central-ish Ontario ) we had no rain, then came the rains followed by big flushes. This year it was sort of dry, rains came but the flushes never did. I was convinced it would be a banger year again… such is the life of a mushroom.
  2. Its been so long since Ive harvested shaggy’s… thanks for the share and enjoy 🍄
  3. Welcome from Toronto 🍄. My stomping grounds are in Barrie and north of Bancroft.
  4. My friends have used a few, forget the names and they work ok-ish for easily identifiable shrooms. Wouldn’t rely on it though, dangerous game to play. Like Kevin said, ballpark direction.
  5. Chanterelle for sure - a fine edible.
  6. Yikes, glare from the sun made them lool different, those are not dryads!
  7. Top ones look like Artists conk. bottom ones are old dryad saddle, go back next year to harvest and eat young ones.
  8. Borne, create a new post and show us pics, we will help.
  9. Yup, its browning though. Ive only eaten pure white ones. Check back next year as they seem to come back in the same spot.
  10. If you’re looking for an ID Dave, I think you have honey mushrooms 🍄. What a fun keepsake!
  11. Yes, the assumption was made. I was not aware we had a look alike here in NA that had a different coloured milk - Every single one Ive found only had orange, ohhh the beautiful bright orange glow. As for bitterness, I can’t taste any. Everyone Ive introduced this mushroom to has enjoyed it. I do prefer to pick younger specimens, perhaps the biggun’s take on a bitter taste?
  12. Im not feeling it, better photos are certainly needed.
  13. A delicious lactarius, caps fried in oil, hard to beat.
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