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  1. If you’re looking for an ID Dave, I think you have honey mushrooms 🍄. What a fun keepsake!
  2. Yes, the assumption was made. I was not aware we had a look alike here in NA that had a different coloured milk - Every single one Ive found only had orange, ohhh the beautiful bright orange glow. As for bitterness, I can’t taste any. Everyone Ive introduced this mushroom to has enjoyed it. I do prefer to pick younger specimens, perhaps the biggun’s take on a bitter taste?
  3. Im not feeling it, better photos are certainly needed.
  4. A delicious lactarius, caps fried in oil, hard to beat.
  5. Indeed, there is a thread in the other section regarding getting it back up and running. This site is amazing.
  6. Sooo hard to narrow them down to just one… COW and black trumpets are rare for me so get super excited when I do get them, honeys en masse are just thrilling but if it had to be anything, give me edulis under pines or in thick moss. But I also like finding big puff balls, shaggy manes just right, morels right after that damned snow melts, chantrelles glowing on the forest floor, the orangey golden shine of lactarius near a river, hericium looking like white pom poms from a distance, give me slimey suillis, I’ll clean the suckers no problem… the list goes on and on 🙃
  7. Yes, but wait for another opinion to be 100%
  8. Kids are growing up! In the forest, on the water, living life! Bites are good, strengthens them up Things are good here, hit a good flush this Fall season, stocked up. Winters acommin' and slowly starting to hibernate everything, heading up to the cabin to shut it down for the season... oh how the time flies... waiting for that border to open up and road trip south... oh how I miss life near saltwater during Winter...
  9. Whatever it turns out to be good seeing you brother Cajun, hope all is well with you 😎
  10. Good going Dave 😎 Im betting you would walk 101k miles if you had to!
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