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  1. Thanks buddy, I need to take more time and pay attention to the finer detail, found another one on my walk today so will try again once the spore print's ready....
  2. Hi guys, total newbie here so apologies in advance lol. Just starting to venture into the world of foraging and want to learn as much as I can! As a start, I have done some research on the different parts of the mushroom used for identification and think I have successfully identified my first one However, on my trip out I found two different species and the second one has me a little stumped. The first three photos I believe to be Marasmius Oreades, if anyone can confirm I'd be very grateful. The cap was about an inch wide which should put the rest of the picture in perspective I hope. There were three of them together, i photographed the largest of the three The second three I'm not sure on, I believe it to be Agaricus but not sure on exact species, again any help is greatly appreciated Both specimens were found in a park open grass, adjacent to a small area of scrub and woodland (the woods surround the park in which I found them). The park is in the middle of an urban area, but away from main roads. Trees nearby include plenty of Rowan trees, a few birch trees and some others I can identify yet. (hadn't read the forum when I was out looking so didn't know that would be relevant, will observe more next time round)
  3. Hi guys, newbie here looking to delve into the world of foraging! Having spent many years fascinated in all aspects of bushcraft but only from an outsiders perspective, I have decided to get out there and get back to nature. I am planning a wild camping trip in Scotland this time next year so am joining forums on a range of topics related to bushcraft and looking to learn as much as I can between now and then!
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