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  1. Hey Dave, Thanks a lot! Do you mind checking out the PM I sent you? Thanks, Shroomguy
  2. Hey Dave, I have a question about the first mushroom. Is there a reason for the black "pepper-like" spots over the cap of the mushroom. It was due to those spots that I thought they were not the same species. However, I do believe that the second mushroom is C. molybdites. Can you tell me a bit more about how to tell if a mushroom is decaying or has fungal growth? Thanks, Shroomguy
  3. Hey guys, I need some assistance in identifying some mushrooms that I found in my backyard in Tennessee. Mushroom 1: This mushroom was found growing in soil. It has pores. Pictures are labeled "marshmallow". Mushroom 2: This mushroom was also found growing in soil. It has white and slightly red gills. Pictures are labeled "Holey". Signing out, Shroomguy
  4. Dave, I wish I could get more information on these mushrooms, but these were old pictures from my camera roll. I thought the red mushroom was also in the Ganoderma genus. Thanks, Shroomguy
  5. Hey Dave, Are you saying that these two mushrooms are of the same species but at different stages of development? If so, which one is the older one?
  6. Hey friends! I was looking through my camera roll, and I noticed three particular mushrooms that I had never identified. I am wondering if any of you could help me out. All of these were growing in the spring time in Tennessee. Mushroom 1: (Red mushroom) This mushroom was growing in a shelf like fashion on the side of a tree. There were many of them. The texture was very woody. It does not do anything when bruised. Pictures are labeled "Red". Mushroom 2: This mushroom was found growing in the soil. It was near mushroom 3. I saw only two growing. I am thinking it might be an underdevelope
  7. Hey Scot! I recently found mushrooms that looked just like the small white ones growing on a tree. I identified them as the pinwheel mushroom (Marasmius rotula). I hope that was helpful. Best wishes, Shroomguy
  8. Hello again fellow mushroom enthusiasts! I recently found two more very interesting mushrooms growing in my backyard in Tennessee! I am very excited about finding out what types of mushrooms these are! MUSHROOM 1: This mushroom's cap measures 14 cm in diameter and the stem is 8 cm long. It was found in soil. --Pictures of this mushroom are labeled "AM" and are the first 4. MUSHROOM 2: This mushroom's cap measures 10 cm in diameter, and it has a 13 cm long stem. It was also found in soil. --Pictures of this mushroom are labeled "Fishy Pepper" and are the last 5. Thanks a lot! ~Shroom
  9. Hello friends, I have two more mushrooms that are in need of identification! MUSHROOM 1: I found this mushroom growing on a tree that almost seemed to be dead. I could not see any leaves growing from the tree besides leaves from the vines that were entangled around its trunk. I found it on June 4th in a wetland forest in Tennessee. This mushroom is squishy and easy to cut. The fungi was out of my reach, and I had to use a tool to cut it down. It is a bright white color and it seemed to resemble a crystal. It has pore tubes on the bottom side. This mushroom was growing by itself. Pictures a

  11. Hey fellow mushroom enthusiasts! I have two more mushrooms I want help identifying. I have attached them as "brown" (last three) and "white cent" (first three). Both are soil mushrooms found in Tennessee as long as 10-15 cm. Thanks friends, Shroomguy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIVE LOVE SHROOMS...
  12. BTW, the first 4 pictures are of mushroom 1. Then the last 2 pictures are of mushroom 2. Thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIVE LOVE SHROOMS...
  13. Hello fellow mushroom hunter, I need some helping identifying the following four mushrooms that I found in the Tennessean wild (wetland/forest) in the summer time. Mushroom 1: very small (2-4 cm)white mushroom, grows on decaying wood. Pictures of this mushroom are an attachment labeled as "finger"... Mushroom 2: also small, and grows on decaying wood. lines coming out of center of mushroom. Pictures of this mushroom are an attachment labeled as "white tree"... Please comment if you know what this is! I can supply more information if needed, except I cannot get spore prints. Thanks,
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