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  1. Thanks Dave! That's what I was thinking but I just haven't found enough oysters to be comfortable with IDing them. I'll have to get back by there in a couple days and get enough for a meal at least! Wade
  2. Hey Y'all! Hope ya been kill'n shrooms! I haven't been out! Just too busy! Today I happened to drive by a stump that i got oysters off of on Dec 6 last year. Low and behold, there were mushrooms growing on it again! I'm thinking these are oysters also, but maybe a different kind since they smell like fresh caught bluegill and the others didn't. They don't look exactly the same but did come off the same stump as those in Dec. I also got a pix of what appears to be very young Dryads on that same stump. Those from last year Dave ID'd as possibly Pleurotus, but as I said they did not have the fishy smell. What do Y'all think these are? Thanks, Wade
  3. Raised up on a farm and having little cash in those days, this was what we had to replace chewing gum. No flavor and never ate it, just had to have it to chew on like the rich kids in school! Wade
  4. Looks like wild cherry gum to me! That's the only tree we have around here that puts it off as I know of. Wade
  5. Hey Y'all! First off, Merry Christmas! (and a happy new year if i don't get a chance to say that before then!) I just wanted report back on these oysters! I had stripped them and left them in the fridge until now. I got them out this morning and they were pretty dry but those in the middle were still moist.(In a brown paper bag). Instead of strting them with a dry pay to get the moisture out i put them directly into an oiled pan along with fresh garlc from the garden. Once they were looking cooked I added leeks from the garden and salt and pepper. I continued cooking them on a med-low heat until the leeks were starting to be translucent. Pulled them off the heat and they are wonderful! Much better than I have ever given Oysters the credit for. Yah, I should have went back and got some more! Wade
  6. I don't know if it's two different kinds of oysters or not but some that you get in winter around here smell exactly like fresh caught fish. Not a repelling odor. It is plesant, at least to me. I'd be interested to know if these are seperate species(if that's the right word) The ones I found have a very earthy smell to them, but I have had others that smell fishy. Wade
  7. Thanks Diana. I haven't gotten back to pick more. Life got in the way. Happens a lot. Wade
  8. Thanks Dave, I'll try that if I get back to pick more. Wind and rain will keep me inside today so maybe later. I would suppose to blanch you are talking about 2-3 minutes in boiling water? Wade
  9. Thanks Dave! In that case maybe it would be wiser to just eat fresh! Think I need to look at recipies posted and go from there! Wade
  10. I'm thinking maybe I should go pick the larger oysters out of that flush before the cold temps set in. How do Y'all put them up for long term storage? Dehydrate or freeze, or does it matter? Thanks, Wade
  11. Ya, we've been going down into the 20s lately but expect the teens this week. Wondering if that difference will effect them? Wade
  12. FYI, I got a nice lilac spore print! I'm happy! Thanks for the help guys! I'll be eating good tomorrow, and I left plenty in the field! Wade
  13. Yes Dave. It's been extremely challenging here all year! Terribly wet and cold spring then when the rains stopped we got nodda! Nobody had a good garden unless they were growing under cover or irrigating. So of course this effected the fungi growth also. I ended up with a broken rib that kept me down for a while also but overall the weather doomed our harvest. I had a tree that I found 9 hens under last year. I didn't haevest any because they were too old. This year there has only been one! That's the way it's been all year. I've very thankful to find this little flush of oysters! Wade
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