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  1. Thanks Dave W! I believe your ID is correct, being Panus conchatus. Also thought this could be Paxillus involutus. Wife and I had a great day out mushrooming in a new area yesterday. We encountered an amazing variety, but really only struggled with this one.
  2. Wife & I came across these guys yesterday while hunting morels near Bridgeport Oregon. I am very familiar with false chanterelles, but haven't seen any this color. True, but forked gills, white spores, solid inner stem that is white and growing from root structure of Alder stump along an area clear-cut logged 2 years past. Thought this might also be a Clitocybe Rivulosa variant. I've been hunting mainly morels and chanterelles most of my life, but I'm new to Oregon/Pacific NW mushroom hunting. Exact ID isn't important, just wanted to "lurk" here to hopefully learn more and to share some pics.
  3. Hello all and thanks for the add. Moved back to Oregon from Montana this spring and have been out a couple times already. My wife and I are hobby shroomers, searching out morels & chanterelles for personal grazing
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