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  1. Just checked my spot last night and the Devil's Urns are really starting to pop......with the temps looking to climb in the 60's I think it's getting close finally.
  2. Cool, yeah I've ran into Devil's Urns while hunting Morels in the the northern part of the state, I live in Central MN and really don't see them much....now I need to keep my eyes though.
  3. Well I took a little walk in the woods last night just to get a feel for what things were doing. Hoping to find some early Ramps but no luck there. I am starting to see Scarlet Cups popping up though, is there any timing between them and morels? Granted it was snowing at the time, and we had a few small snow showers in the past few days so I know they don't seem to mind the cold like Morels. Either way was nice to see some fungus in the woods after a long winter.
  4. I was thinking the same thing! These almost look like wood carvings or the like with how "thick" and full they look.
  5. Nice Finds Dave! Yeah, sitting in Central MN today they are forecasting 1-2" of snow.........Pooo Granted I'm hoping in 2-3 weeks to be able to start finding some Mushrooms.
  6. I am anxiously waiting here in MN for them to pop so I can try some new to me spots this year. Which really are my only spots, so I guess I'll have to hit them a lot.
  7. Reason I ask as the link is broken for that group on this forum. I've tried searching but not sure if I'm finding the right one. Thanks!
  8. Those are Amazing Photos! My son keeps telling me he wants to find a Parrot Mushroom......we do live in MN I tell him though Thank you so much for sharing.
  9. Dave thanks!, last year was really my first hardcore year chasing mushrooms. And yep I found it then. I'm lucky in that my family has 500 acres of hunting property to check and I'm the only mushroomer there
  10. Ladyflyfish, I tried finding the group on FB but to no avail. The link you have on the site doesn't go anywhere it seems.
  11. I'm very jealous of these Oyster Posts! Woke up to -30 here in Central MN so I have a feeling there are a few more months till I'm going to start seeing them.
  12. Morels are great, but I've only had one season under my belt on them. Love Chanterelles and Lobsters as far as finding, just love it when the woods starts popping with yellows and oranges. As far as taste I love Hedgehogs and Hens.
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