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  1. friendsoffungi

    Hello from Oregon!

    hayabusa; Very nice harvest!! What kind of grow room do you have? Good luck on this forum though, the old timers talk amongst themselves and everyone else moved to facebook,,,
  2. friendsoffungi

    Agar work

    Hi folks; I would like to hear any advice related to keeping agar from boiling over in a pressure cooker. I've finally resorted to a 2000ml flask, but this requires a much larger pressure cooker, more water, more time. My 1000 ml flask usually ends up partially drained into the water. I am usually cooking 500ml of medium to pour a full sleeve of plates.
  3. friendsoffungi

    Greetings from Northeast Ohio

    Hi Tilbrons; Thanks for saying hi, you are even a little east of me. I'm near the Cuyahoga/Geauga county borders. I also will be trying some raised beds this spring. I failed miserably a couple years ago when I tried wine caps. Will try again...This is the first place I've lived at for a long time where I haven't had access to trees, so beds it is...We're still nearly neighbors.
  4. friendsoffungi

    Greetings from Northeast Ohio

    Hello All; I am a finish carpenter/cabinet maker by trade. When the economy tanked in 2008 I started looking around for new ways to generate income. The short of the story, I began looking into mushroom cultivation as an alternative. I am currently supplying CWRU with inoculated straw logs and have since been able to quit my day job. I am an active member of Ohio Mushroom Society and love being out in the woods. I invite one and all to say hello...