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  1. Welcome, greg85. You should learn lots here.
  2. Berkeleys are edible when young and very fresh. I've never tried them. As for chickens, I don't find they have much flavor at all. For me it is more of a textural thing.
  3. Boletes grow really fast, but I've found bugs in even the smallest buttons that looked primo and then you cut them in half and yuk! Glad to hear you're getting some nice ones, Dave. I am missing Montana this year, but I fear the mushrooms would not be fruiting anyway since it has been so hot and dry. I guess I'm not missing much.
  4. Yes...it's a good edible. Now called Lactifluus hygrophoroides. I'm so tired of name changes!
  5. I pikced some gorgeous Cantharellus lateritius in VA last summer and they all had bug holes. I'm kind of surprised these FL are bug free. Must be too hot for the bugs! It's too hot for me!!!
  6. Ha ha ha.... good luck with that one, brianf! Boletes are so early this year!
  7. Thanks John, I know some people who will echo my sentiments about chanterelles being better from the east than the west. The only thing that is a negative is finding buggy chants here in the east. You NEVER find buggy chants in the west. So far my pretty Florida chanterelles have been pristine, clean and bug free. They are also delicious!
  8. I agree with Dave on the Russula. Either that or R. xerampelina if it had a fishy smell. John, I think these chanterelles taste really good. I also think east coast chanterelles taste superior to most west coast chanterelles I've had with the exception of the ones I used to find in MT, Cantharellus roseocanus which has a nice flavor, and a bit of spicy backnote. These are the nicest once I've ever picked anywhere. No bugs, super fresh and firm and really pretty. I'm a super happy camper.
  9. Hi Evan, nice to see you! I'm so happy to have chants to pick here. Now I don't have to feel so mushroom deprived.
  10. As long as it is not bitter tasting to the tongue, it is ok to eat if in good condition. There are no harmful boletes, just some that don't taste good.
  11. If they are not bitter then they are ok to eat. There are no poisonous boletes, just some that don't taste good.
  12. What is it about the pines do you think that causes them to fruit? An acid thing? It is funny that if there is no pine present there are no chanterelles present. But too much pine and no chants either.
  13. Britt Bunyard grows it intentionally on his small farm in Wisconsin. There was a big article about it in Fungi Magazine a while back. It was even on the front cover.
  14. I hear lots of people reporting them all over the northern midwest, MI, WI etc. I would say most likely "The Haymaker," Panaeolus (=Panaeolina) foenisecii
  15. Coprinopsis atramentaria is the one that is edible but you don't want to drink alcohol with it, so they used it in treating alcoholics so they would eat it and drink and get sick and that would condition them to not want the alcohol. Intersting indeed.
  16. I have been wanting to get my hands on some corn smut. I know people who grow it intentioanally. I really want to try it. One day I hope! I hear it is like corn and truffles combined.
  17. John, exactly the same habitat. Hardwoods with scattered pines. No pines, no chants. BUT I'm told the black trumpets grow in the same area with the golden chants. Something to look forward to.
  18. Manelet, you can always taste a small piece in your mouth to see if it is bitter or sweet like a good edible mushroom. If not bitter, there are not boletes than are poisonous or can hurt you. If not bitter, you can eat it.
  19. Not a favorite of mine at all. I've tried it lots of ways and the best I could use it for was chicken of the woods pot pies. I had nice fresh, squishy ones too. I just find them to have any flavor and the texture throws me off.
  20. Yeah, definitely not oysters.
  21. Did you post a photo? I don't see one.
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