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  1. Hey Calvert! So good to see you....wow, it's been ages since we've seen you. I hope now you won't be a stranger and will stick around and post. What's happening mushroomwise in your area? Picking anything of interest? Seeing anything of interest? We have a bunch of new people on here so it will be fun to see more variety of what people are finding out there since we have a good representation of the US and Canada. Well Canada is only represented by east and west and nothing yet in the middle! Anyway, great to see you and thanks for coming back. Mary
  2. The photos will automatically resize to a maximum thumbnail size and then can be clicked on for maximum full size if anyone chooses to do that. The thumbnail size is plenty large so you can see the image quite well. No need to resize all your photos before posting, that is the nice thing about this board, it does it for you.
  3. Um, Donovan?...pretty sure it also said so at the end of the clip
  4. I posted this on my FB page and got a reply from Erin Page Blanchard: Erin Page Blanchard commented on your link. Erin wrote: "It is an Agrocybe in the "A. praecox cluster" (basically, large, veiled Agrocybe spp.)."
  5. hahaha that was great! I can't believe you were able to wait that long! I doubt I would/could've... Welcome to the board!
  6. I haven't eaten that particular Leccinum but I have eaten Leccinum manzanitae and it was ok. Certainly not as good as edulis but quite edible. David Arora likes the Leccinum insigne (Aspen Bolete) and considers this one to be thrown into the same common look alikes as insigne. in his words, "L. aurantiacum, very similar and widespread under aspen and conifers, but sometimes larger and more robust and with flesh that distinctly stains burgundy-red before turning purplish or bluish gray. Like most Leccinums it darkens when cooked or dried. If this intimidates you, that's fine with me...I'll be more than happy to take them off your hands!" I take that to mean he likes them. He also states it may "cause digestive upsets in sensitive people" So if you have a sensitive tummy, I'd just try a little first and see how you do.
  7. I've been studying and hunting wild mushrooms since 1982.

  8. Some nice specimens I found recently
  9. Gary Lincoff has a new book out called The Complete Mushroom Hunter an illustrated guide to finding, harvesting and enjoying wild mushrooms I also just picked up a copy of Mushrooms of the Southeastern United States by Alan Bessette, William Roody, Arleen Bessette and Dail Dunaway What other new books have you discovered and think are worth adding to our libraries?
  10. Hi Everyone, if you had installed an avatar at the old "free" board, you will need to reload that image to this board because those files were not transferable. Sorry about that! The good news is, not too many of you had them yet!
  11. http://www.fungimag.com/winter-08-articles/Rev_Medicinal.pdf
  12. http://www.fungimag.com/spring-09-articles/8_Elinoar_alt.pdf
  13. http://www.fungimag.com/summer-09-articles/Shavit.pdf
  14. Hi mrogers...welcome to the neighborhood....(couldn't resist!)
  15. ok everyone, we are going to a full service paid board in a few days so hang in there. It will ultimately be just like the old board. I will be posting somewhere a link to make donations if anyone is so inlined through paypal to keep things up and running. I will put the funds into a holding account like I do with my clients and it will only be spent for this board for the url which is going to be www.wildmushroomhunting.org (I already registered this, this morning) once I get it all connected to the new board and for the hosting package for what we need to make things as close to the way it was. If anyone wants to make a donation, you can do it with paypal and send it to my paypal account email address which is ladyflyfsh at g mail dot com. As soon as I can, I will set up a paypal account for wild mushrooms. Thanks everyone for your continued support. It is much appreciated! Mary
  16. I think for those of us who were used to the old board, we will not like the limitations of this free board. There definitely seems to be an issue with photos and sizes and more than one per page even though in the controls I am allowing several photos per post. I will look into what the cost would be to move to full power on a paid board and see if it is feasible. Other sites will make you go to an outside site like photobucket to post photos and that is the nicest thing about this software so I'd like to stick with these guys if possible.
  17. This is great, so happy to see all your faces here. Go rain! Welcome everyone. Please go tell all your fungal friends. I want to hear suggestions if you have any. I'm still tweaking things and I'm new to this so bear with me. I'm working on the photo size and resizing issue but right now you can post photos. I haven't figured out if you can do more than one photo per post using the choose file button though. If you go through an outside site like photobucket, then you can post several per post but this way, I'm not sure yet. Thanks for signing up!
  18. Yes, but I'm working on file size limits. I've tested it though and if the file is not too big it will upload the same as it used to.
  19. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the new Wild Mushrooms message board. I'm excited to see you all again and please introduce yourselves to us all.
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