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  1. Cerebellar effects after consumption of edible morels Morchella conica Morchella esculenta.pdf
  2. If the photos are too large in terms of file size, you may need to reduce them to a smaller size to upload to this site. I think anything larger than 5mb might be too big.
  3. Here is a new book by Dr. Rob Hallock who has a Facebook Group called Mycological Word of the Day which gives meanings of the Latin names and what they actually mean which helps later down the road when you want to ID a mushroom. Inexpensive and loaded with useful information. Highly recommended. http://www.amazon.com/Mushroom-Word-Guide-Etymology-Pronunciation/dp/1519686617
  4. This was actually posted in my Facebook Cooking with Wild Mushrooms group by David Arora. David just got back from a trip to Africa and posted some really fascinating accounts of picking and eating all kinds of Chanterelles and of course the Termitimyces mushrooms. The link to the cooking group is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mycocuisine/ The locals where they visited eat all sorts of Russula's, boletes, chanterelles, Amanita's .....beautiful, colorful arrangements of mushrooms they eat.
  5. Armillaria tabescens. They are growing in my yard as we speak.
  6. I want to say yes, but something just seems off to me. I can't say one way or the other for sure. Would be helpful to see more photos in situ.
  7. Boletes grow huge in very little time. I check my patch every three days during the season and they are the perfect size. Day 4 and they start blowing out.
  8. Your first row of photos is a Cortinarius. The rusty spores confirm that. Second row are Armillaria mellea with the rings, don't know your Lactarius or bolete.
  9. You can edit your post and correct it yourself. That is not an option we can do. I have eaten Gomphus clavatus and didn't really care for them. They are edible but I would not consider them choice. They are often riddled with maggots. They are so easily recognized, I never bothered to take a spore print. Give them a try and see what you think. Some people like them, I'm just not one of them.
  10. The UK will have many of the similar mushrooms we have here, but with the onset and ease of DNA testing, the names will be different. Welcome!
  11. How fortunate to have gourmet and medicinal mushrooms right at your front door! Welcome
  12. Welcome to you both! Good luck out there.
  13. I'm in Asheville, NC for the NAMA foray. Hopefully there will be some new and different mushrooms for me to find and photograph. I'll post when I find something worth posting!
  14. Ha...I was going to tell you we have a member here who lives in NE PA! Small world. Welcome!
  15. It would help to know what area of the country you live.
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